Bay Area’s CieAura Offers EMF Radiation Protection Chips for Cellular Phones

August 19, 2011

CieAura of the Bay Area is offering EMF chips in cellular phones that can protect people from the harmful radiation.

San Leandro, CA (PRWEB) August 18, 2011

Today most people cannot function without their cell phone. Whether it is for work, for home or for fun and games, EMF radiation protection chips, offered by Bay Area’s CieAura, are becoming important components for cell phones these days.

“Do you have a cell phone and can’t live without it? Do you use a cell phone for work? Do you have children who use a cell phone all the time? Do you use your cell phone to conduct daily tasks? Then you need to check this out this chip immediately,” said Glenn Wong of CieAura.

CieAura of the Bay Area is now offering EMF chips in cell phones to protect people from harmful radiation that could cause cancer. With the higher risk of developing brain and salivary gland cancer for high-volume, long-term cell phone use, the EMF chip acts like acupuncture. In other words, the chip acts like a radiation shield and brings the balance back to the body that the radiation interrupts.

“These chips are for real,” said Colt McCoy, the starting quarterback for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and a user of CieAura EMF chips. “I won’t play without CX2 chips on!”

Several studies have found that there is a higher risk of developing brain and salivary gland cancer among people who frequently use their cell phones. Cell phone radiation may also cause serious problems in children, spur neurological changes in adults, and damage sperm. The EMF chip counteracts the cell phone’s emissions and fortifies the body’s natural resistance to EMFs which occur from cell phones, especially in concentrated areas of the body, such as the ears and brain.

HarmonicFM, the manufacturer of CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips, binds intrinsic energies of up to 30 inputs into holograms that aid the body to naturally correct energy deficiencies, discomfort and rest issues. When placed within approximately two inches of the body, the energies interact with the body’s field and help the body regulate itself naturally. The chip is non-transdermal, it doesn’t make use of drugs, and it has no side effects. With CieAura’s EMF chip, the risk of cancer and other threats of radiation may be reduced and the body’s energy will be balanced.

For more information about CieAira’s products and services, call (415) 658-9233 or visit them on the web at glenwong.cieaura.com. To get to the rest of the site, click on the “Retail web site” button on the bottom left.

About CieAura

CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips and Wristbands can provide your body with intrinsic energies that affect positive health responses. CieAura chips are non-invasive, and are placed along the meridian points of your body. In addition, we carry a revolutionary line of Cell Phone Radiation EMF Chips that can help provide vital radiation protection to cell phone users throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


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