August 17, 2005

US Airways says to restrict flying minors, pets

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US Airways Group Inc., said on
Wednesday it was coordinating consumer policies with merger
partner America West Airlines and would soon no longer fly
unaccompanied minors on connecting flights or carry pets as

US Airways said it was aligning three of its travel
policies with those at America West, to take effect on October

Children and adolescents ages 5 to 14 traveling as
unaccompanied minors can fly US Airways only on nonstop
flights. US Airways will make an exception for unaccompanied
minors with ticketed reservations made prior to August 17. They
may travel on connecting flights through November 1.
Reservations for unaccompanied minor travel on connecting
flights made after August 17 will be honored through September

Pets and other animals will no longer be accepted for
travel as checked baggage or cargo. US Airways will make an
exception for ticketed reservations made before August 17 to
carry pets as checked baggage, which will be honored through
November 1.

US Airways says its pet cargo has been a good business
through the years. "It's primarily dogs and cats," said
spokesman David Castelveter. "But we have shipped rabbits; We
have shipped birds."

The policy change does not apply to the transportation of
service animals such as seeing eye dogs.

Also, passengers needing supplemental oxygen will no longer
be able to purchase it on US Airways flights. The airline is
working to implement new policies as a result of the FAA's
recent approval of portable oxygen systems.

The carriers hope to finalize their merger this fall in
conjunction with US Airways' emergence from bankruptcy