August 19, 2005

At least one woman hurt in San Francisco explosion

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - An explosion in San Francisco's
central financial district on Friday injured at least one
woman, and police closed several city blocks while they
searched cause of the blast.

A police spokesman said it may have been an underground
explosion. An electrical transformer could have been the cause
of the explosion, one official said.

Witnesses reported a large bang shortly before 10 a.m. near
Post and Kearny streets in front of a Ralph Lauren store in the
central business district.

The blast caused lights in office buildings in the area to
flicker. One woman was sent to the hospital with injuries,
police officer Jason Hui said.

Officials evacuated buildings in a one block perimeter of
the blast and roped off streets leading into the area. Several
hundred workers milled around.

Dozens of firefighters and a number of fire trucks rushed
the area, as did local utility workers.