September 1, 2005

Ford to extend employee rebates

DETROIT (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co. said on Thursday it was
extending its employee pricing discounts through the end of
this month.

The program, under which it sells new cars and trucks to
the general public at the same low price a Ford employee would
pay, was set to expire on September 6, but Ford spokesman Jim
Cain said it would continue through September 30.

But it was unclear which 2006 model-year vehicles will be
included in the plan after September 6.

Ford currently offers the big rebates on 2005 model-year
vehicles and some 2006 model-year pickup trucks and sport
utility vehicles, including the Super Duty pickup trucks,
Expedition and Navigator SUVs.

"We will likely scale back the number of 2006 products"
that are being offered under the program, Cain said, adding
that details were still being worked out.

The news was first reported by Automotive news magazine.

Cross-town rival General Motors Corp. said last week it was
extending its "Employee Discounts for all" program through
September 30. The automaker also included most of GM's
full-size pickups and sport utility vehicles from the 2006
model year in its discount plan. GM's program had previously
been limited to 2005 model vehicles.