September 4, 2005

Entergy re-entering N. Orleans with National Guard

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Utility operator Entergy Corp. will
reenter New Orleans on Sunday with National Guard escorts to
begin assessing damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and
subsequent floods, the company said.

In a statement late Saturday night, the company said its
crews would return to the city first-thing on Sunday morning,
though it said for security reasons it could not say precisely
where the crews would be working.

As of late Saturday Entergy had restored power to nearly
500,000 customers across its service area, though the company
has repeatedly warned that in the hardest-hit areas, recovery
could take many weeks.

The delay, Entergy says, is caused not only by the
inaccessibility of some areas due to Katrina-related damage,
but also by corrosion to vital systems due to being soaked in
slightly-salty floodwaters.

Another strongly affected utility, Mississippi Power, said
on Sunday it has been able to restore service to more than 36
percent of its customers.

Work continued on Sunday to try and restore service in the
most affected areas, including Bay St. Louis and Pass
Christian. Mississippi Power is a unit of Southern Co.