September 9, 2005

New Orleans now secure – city attorney

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - New Orleans is fully secure and
officials hope to restore power to the city's central business
district within seven days, city attorney Sherry Landry said on

"The city is now fully secured. The city is now fully
secured," Landry said at a news conference.

"Fourteen thousand troops are in Orleans Parish. At present
they are actively patrolling all areas of the city and running
nightly reconnaissance to prevent further looting."

She said while there was power in the central business
district on Friday, it was not able to support all buildings.

"It is our goal to restore power to the CBD (central
business district) and clear all streets of debris and glass
withing the next seven days. After that we will establish a
process for businesses to return to the city," Landry said.