September 12, 2005

Greyhound Bus complains about New Orleans jail name

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (Reuters) - Greyhound Bus Lines
complained to Louisiana's prisons department to stop referring
to a temporary New Orleans jail, that was once its bus station,
as Camp Greyhound, a prisons official said on Monday.

The Greyhound bus station in New Orleans was converted into
a makeshift jail by police trying to restore law and order in a
city rife with crime and lawlessness in the days after
Hurricane Katrina hit.

"Greyhound called us on Friday and asked us not to refer to
it as Camp Greyhound anymore," Pam Laborde, communications
director of Louisiana's department of corrections told a new

Laborde said the jail would now be known as Angola South.

Those held in the temporary jail are not only criminals
that took part in the crime spree after the hurricane, but also
prisoners from the city's Angola prison -- America's largest
maximum-security prison notorious for its hardened criminals
and tough guards.