September 28, 2005

Apple acknowledges problem with iPod nano

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Apple Computer Inc. has acknowledged
customer complaints about flaws in its iPod nano digital music
player, saying one problem is a "real but minor issue."

Early iPod nano customers have filled several Internet
sites with complaints about broken and scratch-prone LCD

Macworld magazine late Tuesday quoted Phil Schiller,
Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing,
as saying the broken screens were due to a "vendor quality
issue" that affected "less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the
total iPod nano units that we've shipped."

Schiller said customers who had broken screens could
receive replacements.

He also said Apple had received few complaints about screen
scratches, and that the iPod nano screen was made of the same
materials used in other iPods. He said if customers were
concerned about scratches, they should use a case.

The comments seemed to satisfy some of the users who had
complained about the problems.

"I am very delighted to see Apple take this issue
seriously," Matthew Peterson, an iPod nano owner who set up a
Web site to collect photos of damaged iPods, said in a
statement on his site.

"It is sad that it took a Web site and a lot of publicity
before they finally investigated, but at least future nano
users with the same problem I had will not be subjected to the
same treatment that I was."

Apple introduced the iPod nano earlier this month as a
replacement for the iPod mini, offering a two-gigabyte version
for $199 and a four-gigabyte model for $249.

Apple's iPod line commands roughly 75 percent of the market
for digital music players and provide one-third of Apple's
total revenue. Apple shares opened down 44 cents at $53 on