October 3, 2005

Russian-US crew, tourist dock at space station

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian-U.S. two-man crew and the
world's third space tourist safely reached the International
Space Station, Moscow mission control said on Monday, two days
after they blasted off from the Central Asian steppe.

On board the Russian Soyuz spacecraft were U.S. Commander
William McArthur, Russian Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev, and
American scientist and entrepreneur Gregory Olsen.

"The docking has taken place ... Now they will start
preparing to open the airlocks between the Soyuz and the
station," said a spokeswoman.

Olsen is due to return to Earth with the outgoing two-man
crew next week, while McArthur and Tokarev are at the start of
a six-month stay in orbit.