October 3, 2005

Ex-NFL’s Smith charged with cocaine sale

DENVER (Reuters) - Former NFL running back and Super Bowl
record-holder Timmy Smith was charged with cocaine trafficking
on Monday as he made his first appearance in federal court.

Smith and his brother, Christopher, answered "Yes, Ma'am,"
when asked by U.S. District Magistrate Patricia Coan if they
understood their rights and the charges against them.

The former Washington Redskins running back, 41, and his
brother, who were brought handcuffed into the courthouse, were
arrested on Friday after a six-month undercover investigation
by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

In January 1988, Smith rushed for a Super Bowl-record 204
yards in the Washington Redskins' 42-10 victory over the Denver
Broncos, but never could recapture his record-breaking
performance in subsequent seasons. He last played in the NFL in
1990 for Dallas.

Timmy Smith's lawyer, Will Hood, said of his client: "He's
very concerned about the serious allegations against him. Right
now his concern is being allowed to post bond and return to his

A bail hearing is expected on Thursday.

Jeffrey Sweetin, DEA special agent in charge of the Rocky
Mountain Division, said Friday in announcing the arrest that
Smith and his brother Christopher, 35, had sold a total of
$37,000 worth of cocaine to undercover agents since April.

On Friday, Timmy Smith fled in a sport utility vehicle as
agents moved in to arrest him after he allegedly sold some 1.1
pounds of cocaine worth $13,600 to an undercover agent, Sweetin
said. He was arrested about 20 minutes later by Denver police.

Christopher Smith was arrested without incident in a
separate vehicle near where the alleged drug buy took place.

The brothers face up to 40 years in prison each if

Timmy Smith had no prior drug arrests and recently was
employed as a security guard at a Denver juvenile detention
facility, authorities said.