Santa Clara Based Complete Self Attunement Announces They Are Offering Advice on a Window into Ourselves Through Meditation and Individual Sessions

August 27, 2011

Complete Self Attunement (CSA) is a powerful meditation process that transforms individuals through the power of personal healing, wisdom and divinity accessed from within.

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) August 27, 2011

Santa Clara’s Complete Self Attunement (CSA) announces they teach clients how to utilize innate inner tools that allow all to transform.

Located in Santa Clara, Rod Cotton offers Complete Self Attunement private sessions and meditation classes to individuals and corporations. Rod Cotton has been empowering and healing the lives of many since 1987. At CSA the belief is that each individual is the source of personal growth, overall change and life transformation.

Meditation as shared by CSA is based in the reality that individuals are already whole. CSAâs unique focus on innate â˜body senseâ awareness provides a foundation allowing clients to be touched by completeness rather than meditation being just another technique that is an extension of personal doing and trying.

Rod says, âœSo much of our life can be lived in resistance, not allowing us to be present in the now of our life. We can waste so much time and energy trying to change things/ourselves or fix things/ourselves and not getting to experience the wholeness that has always already been there in the moment of our life.”

Rodâs facilitation of Complete Self Attunement equips individuals with necessary tools of awareness to experience a self-fulfilled enlightened transformation.

Complete Self Attunement is a simple process that shows clients how to use what is currently happening in their lives as a tool in attaining greater success and fulfillment. When dealing with stress, people try to change, people try to escape the moment through all sorts of diversions or people just give up and surrender to a less than joyous life. At Complete Self Attunement of Santa Clara, Rod Cotton presents an empowering alternative, allowing clients to experience their whole selves. The complete self has always been there to access, but most benefit from the guidance of a professionally trained meditation counselor like Rod.

Complete Self Attunement teaches the individual to access a space within thatâs beyond the mind. This shift into the space of openness is known as our Transformational Consciousness. It is here that one’s inner state of Being, Presence and Soul have room to emerge thus leading one out of the limited domain of the mind into a more attuned joyous life experience.

Rodâs mission is to share experiential tools of awareness through personal sessions, meditation classes and corporate group classes. He offers clients a private session in which the focus is solely on the individual.

For more information on Complete Self Attunement and Rod Cotton’s services, give him a call at (408) 655-6388. Drop in classes are held at 440 N. Winchester Blvd. #62 Santa Clara, CA 95050 or by conference call tie in. Check on the web at http://www.csaprocess.com.

About Complete Self Attunement

Complete Self Attunement is a holistic meditative process which helps individuals from all walks of life transform themselves into a more aware, self-fulfilled individual. CSA offers private sessions, six-day intensive transformation sessions, as well as meditation CDs to assist this self-healing process.


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