Teenage Geek’s Text Browser Game Takes On Mafia Wars

August 27, 2011

TORN City РThe world̢s largest text-based MMORPG is back with a vengeance and plans to over-take Mafia Wars in the race for #1 online crime game.

Joe Chedburnâs home-grown browser game hits the social arena on September 1st, 2011 as Chedburn Networks Limited launches TORN City on Facebook.

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) August 27, 2011

Established in 2004 TORN City has matured in epic proportions from a teenage boyâs bedroom project to a monster million dollar business.

The game is not for the faint-hearted and is darker and deeper than a Chilean minerâs flashlight, which is what sets TORN City apart from the competition.

âœI didnât set out to build TORN City into the gritty game it is today, the community have shaped it this way. I guess thatâs the fantasy of a virtual world, where the community have a voice.â

Joe Chedburn, Owner.

Just like real-life, you can commit most crimes in TORN City, from shop-lifting and pickpocketing to arms trafficking and kidnapping.

Donât worry; itâs not all about crime. Like any real city you can meet others, get married, get educated, get a job or run a company, buy things, trade things, race cars and gamble, work-out in the gym, buy, sell and rent property, travel to other countries, and of course attack others, to name but a few. It goes without saying however, that all efforts will assist you in becoming a master criminal and ultimately top-dog in TORN City.

On the subject of marriage; Watch out [enter your favourite dating website here], TORN City has seen no fewer than five real-life marriages due to virtual relationships within TORN City.

We also mentioned that you can get a job, or start your own company in TORN City. Believe it or not, off the back of this, players have been offered real-world careers from their virtual bosses, based solely on their hard work in the game.

The Facebook game will be a lite version of the full browser game, revealing just some of the awesome features you can expect to find in the full game. Full TORN operates a freemium model, where small donations are exchanged for in-game benefits such as faster recovery times. The Facebook version will also be 100% free to play with the option of buying TORN City points for extra pizzazz.

The TORN City experience is unique. Unlike any other game you̢ve played before. With its cult following and heroin-like addiction the team at TORN have high expectations for Facebook TORN City; due to launch September 1st, 2011 Рhttp://apps.facebook.com/thetorncity/


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