Alphabet Energy Welcomes Dr. Lon Bell As Technical and Strategic Advisor

August 29, 2011

Pioneer of thermoelectric technology with track record of high-volume commercialization success to advise Alphabet Energy on strategies for deploying its waste-heat recovery technology.

San Francisco, Calif. (PRWEB) August 29, 2011

Alphabet Energy, Inc., maker of thermoelectric materials for waste-heat recovery, has engaged Dr. Lon Bell as a strategic advisor. Dr. Bell is the founder and former chief technical officer of Amerigon Inc. and former president of its thermoelectrics research and development subsidiary, BSST. He is one the worldâs leading inventors in the field of thermoelectrics and a highly regarded visionary in the field.

âœItâs with great admiration that we bring Lon aboard to provide valuable technical and strategic advice as we assess markets and the solutions they require,â said Matt Scullin, Alphabetâs CEO and founder. âœLon brings enormous experience and expertise in finding ways to address market opportunities with thermoelectric technologies. He is one of the few people the field who is fluent in everything from solid-state physics to the successful scale-up and commercialization of a thermoelectric product.â

Dr. Bell is a pioneer who has helped define the field of thermoelectric waste heat recovery. In 1991 he founded Amerigon Incorporated, the worldâs largest supplier of thermoelectric devices to the automotive industry. Amerigon is best known for its Climate Control Seat®, offered by the worldâs top auto manufacturers. In 2000, Dr. Bell founded BSST as a subsidiary of Amerigon to develop advanced thermoelectric systems. BSSTâs mission is to provide highly efficient, effective, and practical solid-state temperature control and power generation solutions. Its advancements are applicable to electronic device cooling, home and automotive air conditioning and heating, and military and communications systems. Dr. Bell retired from BSST at the end of 2010 and continues to explore how advanced thermoelectric technology can transform power generation and waste-heat recovery in industrial and instrument applications.

âœAlphabet Energyâs technology employs a well known production methodology that will allow a faster time to market and excellent long-term sustainability through the use of common and environmentally friendly materials,â said Dr. Lon Bell. âœIt is truly a breakthrough approach and one that has been long awaited in the field. I am most appreciative of the opportunity to participate and contribute to Alphabetâs evolution, especially with IP development and securing a firm position in the fast-growing market for low-cost thermoelectric technology.â

Alphabet Energyâs first product, currently in prototyping, is a simple, turnkey solution for the generation of electricity from wasted heat. Alphabetâs goal is to become the leader in the potential $100 billion global market for products that convert medium- to high-grade waste heat into electricity, now part of an existing $75 billion/year market for energy efficiency and a $6 billion/year market for industrial equipment. In the near term, the company is planning to deliver waste-heat-to-electricity generators that utilize exhaust gas as an energy source.

What are thermoelectrics?

Thermoelectric materials are semiconductors that, when placed in a temperature gradient, generate electricity in the solid stateâ”like solar panels for heat. Alphabetâs breakthrough thermoelectrics can be used to turn heat directly into electricity in applications such as metals refining, cement and glass production, power generation, automotive, aerospace, and military. The companyâs proprietary, all-silicon thermoelectric technology is currently the sole approach coming to market that can lend itself to massive scale, utilizing abundant materials and existing, inexpensive manufacturing know-how. The output range of power generation from Alphabetâs products can be from microwatts to megawatts.

About Alphabet Energy Inc.

Alphabet Energy is commercializing breakthrough, inexpensive waste-heat recovery products based on technology developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Alphabet aims to offer the most modular and scalable heat-recovery technology available, and to tap into the potential $100 billion market for the conversion of medium- and high-grade waste heat into electricity â” offsetting as many as 500 million metric tons of carbon per year. Alphabet Energy won four awards at the 2009 Cleantech Open business competition: runner-up, National Prize; winner, National Peopleâs Choice Award; winner, California region Energy-Efficiency Prize; winner, California region Sustainability Prize. For more information, see http://www.alphabetenergy.com and @alphabetenergy on Twitter.


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