Study Confirms Monday Is The Most Dreaded Day Of The Week
September 12, 2011

Monday Is The Most Dreaded Day Of The Week


According to a new study, one in three people say they hate Monday more than any other day in the week.

Flomax Relief conducted a survey of 2,000 adults who said they spent 34 minutes complaining on a Monday morning, compared to just 22 minutes during the rest of the week.

The study found that the most common reasons include dreading the work week ahead, over-indulging over the weekend or having plenty of emails to have to catch up to.

A spokesman for Flomax Relief, which carried out the survey, said in a statement: "While there appears to be a range of reasons that can affect our mood, especially on a Monday, it would seem that health-related problems are one of the biggest triggers."

"This suggests that, as a nation, taking better care of our health may help improve our general well-being and happiness."

Other complaints include a slow booting computer, getting stuck in traffic on the way to work and the feeling that you are trying to keep everyone happy.


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