October 17, 2005

Murder trial halted as lawyer’s wife killed

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A Superior Court judge declared a
mistrial on Monday in the case of a woman accused of killing
her husband after the defense attorney's own wife was murdered
over the weekend.

Daniel Horowitz is an attorney who provided frequent
television commentary on high-profile cases involving
defendants including Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson.

He was also part of the defense team for Pavlo Lazarenko,
the former Ukrainian prime minister convicted of extortion and
laundering money through California banks.

In his latest case taking place near San Francisco,
Horowitz was representing Susan Polk, a woman accused of
killing her much older husband who had once served as her
therapist when she was a teenager.

The lawyer's wife was killed on Saturday in the suburban
town of Lafayette, prompting the judge in the Polk case to
declared a mistrial, with a new date to be set in December.

"They're going to solve this very, very quickly," Ivan
Golde, Horowitz's co counsel on the Polk case, told reporters.
"Then Dan and I are going to get back to this case."

Investigators have not made any arrests in the latest