October 20, 2005

Senate budget chief wins big in lottery

By Richard Cowan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Judd Gregg, chairman of the Senate
Budget Committee, worries that his deficit-ridden,
free-spending country is gambling on its future.

But the New Hampshire Republican's own little gamble paid
off big time when he won $853,492 -- before taxes -- as a
second place winner in the multi-state Powerball lottery.

Spokeswoman Erin Rath said on Thursday that Gregg had
bought $20 worth of tickets at a Washington gas station on his
way to work on Monday.

"As he was leaving, he realized he didn't get the last
ticket" he bought, Rath said. The cashier "joked that maybe
this was the winning number."

Rath said Gregg will donate part of his winnings to a
foundation named after his father, Hugh, which helps New
Hampshire charities.

Beyond that, "I think his wife has a lot of ideas," said

Asked whether Gregg, a wealthy lawyer, would give any more
of his winnings to the government to help reduce the $314
billion projected federal deficit, Rath said, "Hmmmmmm."