October 28, 2005

FPL restores power to 1.4 mln in Florida after Wilma

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Florida Power & Light Co. has restored
power to 1.4 million customers, but leaving 1.7 million still
without service, four days after Hurricane Wilma devastated its
transmission and distribution system, the company said Friday.

The storm affected more than 3.2 million of FP&L's 4.3
million customers in southern Florida.

FP&L, a subsidiary of FPL Group Inc. of Juno Beach,
Florida, said in a release it has mobilized more than 9,400
workers to help restore power and expected another 2,200 to
arrive over the weekend.

The company said it re-energized all but eight of the 241
substations that sustained damage.

Florida Power said it had restored most of the power to
customers along the Gulf Coast, and expects to restore service
to a majority of its customers by November 8.

The company expected 95 percent of customers to have power
restored by November 15.

FPL, which delayed the release of its third quarter 2005
financial results by a few days until November 4 due to the
effects of the hurricane, has still not provided an estimate of
the cost of the damage.

Two nuclear reactors, meanwhile, returned to service by
early Friday, including the 839-megawatt St. Lucie 2 in St
Lucie County and the 693 MW Turkey Point 3 in Miami-Dade
County. The company has said it expects to return unit 4 at
Turkey Point to service on Friday.

One MW powers about 800 homes, according to North American

FP&L, however, said it would not ramp the reactors up to
full power until the utility restores power to enough customers
in the counties surrounding the plants to consume the energy
the units will produce.

As of 6 a.m. EDT on Friday, 497,000 of the 956,000
customers affected in Miami-Dade were still without power.

FPL's subsidiaries own and operate more than 31,000 MW of
generating capacity across the United States, market energy
commodities, and transmit and distribute electricity to more
than 4.3 million customers in Florida.