November 9, 2005

Auction of JFK memorabilia planned in New York

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A treasure-trove of John F. Kennedy
memorabilia will be auctioned next month ranging from the watch
he wore to his 1961 presidential inauguration to his doodles
during talks on the Cuban missile crisis.

The private collection of Robert White, who began
collecting Kennedy artifacts in the 1950s, represents most of
the nearly 2,000 items that will be put up for sale from
December 15 to 17 at the Park Avenue Armory by Guernsey's

White, a cleaning supplies salesman, collected pins,
posters and other materials during Kennedy's years as a
congressman and senator from Massachusetts and began a
correspondence with Kennedy's secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, after
Kennedy reached the White House.

Lincoln, who worked for Kennedy during most of his
political career, became good friends with White and when she
died in 1995, she bequeathed her collection of Kennedy material
to him.

White died in 2003 and his estate is selling off the

About 300 items will also be auctioned in "real time" on
eBay Liveauctions for those unable to attend the auction in New
York, Guernsey's said.

Items up for auction include a red, white and blue
"hotline" telephone, two of Kennedy's White House rocking
chairs, his monogrammed leather wallet, and clothing that
belonged to him and his wife, Jacqueline.

Among other special lots are the flags that flew from the
presidential limousine on November 22, 1963, in Dallas when
Kennedy was assassinated.

Kennedy's sailboat, Flash II, will also be up for sale.

Hundreds of unpublished White House and family photographs
will be offered along with ephemera ranging from presidential
"doodles" to the handwritten speech that Kennedy, then a
senator, gave at the 1956 Democratic National Convention when
he nominated Adlai Stevenson for president.