November 14, 2005

US Midwest to get coldest yet this fall

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The coldest weather so far this fall,
plus some snow and rain, will hit the U.S. Midwest later this
week, a private forecaster predicted Monday.

Snow and cold weather could slow hog marketings and some
Iowa dealers on Monday said such forecasts could prompt steady
to higher bids for hogs.

Between Wednesday and Thursday, high temperatures will
reach only the 30s degrees Fahrenheit, with low temperatures in
the teens and 20s F. At this time of year, high temperatures
are normally in the 40s F with lows in the mid-20s to low 30s
F, said Mike Palmerino, Meteorlogix forecaster.

"It's going to be noticeably colder," he said.

Before the weather turns colder, there's a chance on
Tuesday for a little bit of accumulating snow in the western
Corn Belt, especially southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa,
Palmerino said.

"Iowa and Minnesota are mostly hog areas and most of them
are kept indoors," he said. "There really isn't that much of a
great threat with this situation for hogs ... unless the roads
were treacherous enough not to transport animals."

The eastern Corn Belt, especially Illinois, Indiana and
Ohio, will see a quarter inch to 1 inch of rain on Tuesday.

Meteorlogix's six- to 10-day Midwest outlook for Saturday
through Wednesday called for near to above-normal temperatures
in the western Midwest and near to below-normal temperatures in
the eastern Midwest with precipitation near to below normal.

Meteorlogix's six- to 10-day U.S. Plains outlook called for
mostly above-normal temperatures and mostly below normal