November 22, 2005

Texas police arrest French ‘Spiderman’

HOUSTON (Reuters) - A daredevil climber known as "the
French Spiderman" who has scaled skyscrapers around the globe
was arrested on Tuesday as he tried to clamber up a Houston
office building, authorities said.

Alain Robert, 43, dashed from a taxi to the 46-story
Houston Center but was stopped just as he was starting his
ascent. Police said a reporter had tipped them off to his

"A tall officer was able to grab his ankles. He was about
one or two steps from getting away," Houston police spokesman
Alan Wright said.

Robert's Web site claims he has climbed some 70 buildings
including the Eiffel Tower; the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia; London's Canary Wharf Building; the Empire
State Building in New York and Chicago's Sears Tower.

Last December he defied stiff winds and rain to climb the
world's tallest building, Taipei 101, in Taiwan's capital.

Houston police charged Robert with criminal trespass and
possession of narcotics. They said Xanax tablets were in his
bag and it was unclear if he had a doctor's prescription for
the anti-anxiety drug.