November 29, 2005

‘Spider-Man’ won’t try another Texas climb

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Surveying the glass and steel
skyscrapers that compose the downtown Houston skyline, France's
"Spider-Man" on Tuesday acknowledged the only way he'll scale
them is by elevator, like everyone else.

"All these buildings are like mountains I would like to
climb, but I am forbidden," Alain Robert, 43, said after a
Texas court appearance on Tuesday.

Robert presented to the court a prescription for pills
found in his possession when police arrested him before he
could climb a 46-story Houston office tower on November 22.

He says the pills were Urbanyl, a drug prescribed by his
doctors to ward off epileptic seizures commonly known as
Clobazam. Police charged him with illegal possession of the
drug Xanax, a commonly abused anti-anxiety drug.

Robert is also charged with trespassing. Both counts are
misdemeanors, and a judge set Robert's next court appearance
for January 4.

"They want me to go to jail for a little while," Robert
said, revealing prosecutors want him to spend about four days
behind bars as part of a plea deal. Robert said he declined the
deal, partly because he had a plane ticket back home to France
and did not want to cancel it.

The daredevil, who has scaled about 70 buildings including
New York's Empire State Building and Chicago's Sears Tower,
said one of his next ascents will be by invitation of building
owners in South Korea.

"In Houston, it seems I'm not welcomed, so I will move on
to some other countries," Robert said.