November 30, 2005

‘Stowaway cat’ to fly business class to US

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A house cat found in France about a
month after wandering from her home in Wisconsin is set to fly
business class home from Paris to Newark, New Jersey,
Continental Airlines said on Wednesday.

The cat, called Emily, escaped from her house in Appleton,
Wisconsin, in late September, wandering over to a distribution
center and eventually ending up on a sea container that landed
in Belgium.

Workers at a laminating company in Nancy, France, found the
cat, which was wearing I.D. tags, nearly a month after it

Continental said it contacted and offered assistance to
Emily's owners, who accepted the carrier's offer of a business
class seat from Paris to Newark, one of the New York area's
three major airports.

The cat, which is leaving after a month in French
quarantine, will make the trip on Thursday in a carrying case
and have an escort, probably an airline employee, said airline
spokeswoman Courtney Wilcox.

Its menu has yet to be determined, she said.