November 30, 2005

Pittsburgh hit and run victim found after 3 days

PITTSBURGH (Reuters) - A hit-and-run victim was left dead
on a Pittsburgh roadside for three days, probably because he
was covered by snowfall, police said on Wednesday.

Jason Knight, 32, was killed on Friday night by a vehicle
that struck him while he was walking along a road in Venango
County, outside Pittsburgh, and not discovered until Monday,
Pennsylvania state police said. He died of head injuries.

Investigators said Knight had been a passenger in a vehicle
that was involved in a minor accident nearby before walking
along Route 157.

"He had contacted someone to pick him up," state trooper
David Wargo said.

Police found remnants of vehicle parts belonging to a 2000
Jeep Cherokee near Knight's body and have now focused on a
suspected vehicle and its owner, Wargo said.