December 15, 2005

Man catches baby flung from burning NY building

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York woman threw her 1-month-old
son from the third floor of a burning building and the baby was
caught by an amateur baseball player standing outside, media
reports said on Thursday.

Local television stations aired a videotape of Wednesday's
dramatic rescue in the Bronx taken by a surveillance camera.

It showed the baby, swathed in white, tumbling some 30 feet

into the arms of Housing Authority employee Felix Vazquez,
one of several people waiting below.

The Daily News said firefighters rescued Tracinda Foxe from
her apartment shortly after she tossed her baby to Vazquez, who
plays catcher on a neighborhood baseball team.

"I said 'God, please save my son,"' Foxe was quoted as
saying. "I prayed that someone would catch him and save his

Vazquez, a 39-year-old former lifeguard, gave the baby
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before medics arrived and took
mother and child to the hospital. Neither was seriously injured
and they were later released.