December 26, 2005

Shooting on busy Toronto strip kills 1, wounds six

TORONTO (Reuters) - A shooting left a woman dead and six
people injured in a busy downtown Toronto shopping district on
Monday as hundreds milled around on one of the busiest shopping
days of the year, Toronto police said on Monday.

Two men were arrested and a gun was recovered, police said.

The shooting took place on the city's Yonge Street strip as
people descended on stores for the traditional Boxing Day
holiday sales.

"It appears from what we've been able to determine that it
was just random," said Toronto police spokesman Don Cole.
"There may have been somebody targeted in the crowd and the
rest were just random, we just don't know."

The identity of the victims or suspects were not
immediately released.

Toronto, which prides itself on its safety, has seen a
record number of gun deaths in 2005, with 52 of 78 homicides in
the city attributable to guns. Prime Minister Paul Martin's
Liberal Party, under pressure to clamp down on gun violence in
Canada's big cities, has promised a ban on handguns if it wins
January elections.