December 28, 2005

CORRECTED: Record $456 billion in shr buybacks in 2005-TrimTabs

(Please read in second paragraph "$312 billion" instead of
"$312 million.")

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Publicly traded companies in the
United States repurchased a record $456 billion of their shares
in 2005, up 46 percent over the prior year, according to data
from TrimTabs Investment released on Wednesday.

In 2004, 728 companies bought back $312 billion in shares,
while this year, 1,012 companies repurchased shares.

"This activity suggests the big players in corporate
America are very bullish on their companies' prospects heading
into the new year," Charles Biderman, Chief Executive Officer
of TrimTabs, said in a statement.

There were also $277 billion in cash takeovers of already
public U.S. companies announced during 2005, which easily
topped the previous record of $231 billion set during 1999,
TrimTabs found.