January 4, 2006

US nabs man with ‘suicide bomber’ in journal

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - An airline passenger with the
words "suicide bomber" written in his journal was arrested when
his plane arrived in San Jose, California, on Wednesday, but
the words appeared to refer to music and he was later released,
officials said.

"A male was observed by his fellow passengers as having a
journal and handwritten on the journal were the words 'suicide
bomber,"' FBI spokeswoman LaRae Quy said.

"That, combined with the fact that he was clutching a
backpack, and then finally he was acting a little suspiciously"
prompted law enforcement to act.

Authorities boarded the plane and detained the man on the
Frontier Airlines plane on charges of being under the influence
of drugs or alcohol. But the words "suicide bomber" in his
journal appeared related to music, the FBI spokeswoman said.

"Preliminary, what we believe is that that was the name of
either a band or a song," Quy said.

San Jose police later released the 36-year-old San Jose
area man and did not charge him with any crime, a police
spokeswoman said.