January 16, 2006

Spain arrests hacker after breach at US navy base

MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's Civil Guard said on Monday they
had arrested a man who hacked into a U.S. defense department
computer, breaching security at a U.S. naval base in

The man was part of a group of hackers which attacked more
than 100 computer systems, including one at the U.S. Navy's
Point Loma base in San Diego where nuclear submarines are
maintained in dry docks.

U.S. security services found someone had illegally accessed
the computer and subsequently traced the link to Spain.

Spanish authorities pinpointed the group in the southern
city of Malaga and arrested one man. Many of the group were
students though all were over 18.

"They did it for the challenge, there's no implication of
terrorism," a Civil Guard spokesman told Reuters, adding that
the man would face unspecified charges. The Guard did not say
when the arrests or the hacking took place.