January 25, 2006

Probe into US double murder spreads to Britain

BOSTON (Reuters) - Massachusetts investigators said on
Wednesday they were in talks with British authorities and
questioned a 27-year-old Briton after his wife and baby
daughter were found shot dead in their home west of the state
capital, Boston.

Police said their probe had spread to Britain and that they
had talked by telephone with British-born Neil Entwistle after
he left the United States last week. But they added that he was
not a suspect in the killings.

"We have not named any suspects in this case yet,"
Middlesex County District Attorney Martha Coakley told Reuters.
"We're looking at a bunch of difficult angles and keeping an
open mind." She declined to confirm Entwistle's location.

Entwistle's car was found at Logan International Airport
near Boston and flight records show he bought an air ticket to
London 48 hours before the bodies of his wife, Rachel, and
9-month-old daughter, Lillian, were discovered on Sunday.

Autopsy results showed the mother died of a gunshot wound
to the head and the baby died of a gunshot to the stomach. The
bodies were found under layers of blankets in a bed in their
home in Hopkinton about 30 miles west of Boston.

Coakley said authorities in Massachusetts had been in
contact with British police but had not asked them to join the
probe. "We've made contact, it is fair to say, but we have not
asked them to do anything yet."

Entwistle and his family had lived in the United States
about 4-5 months and began renting their home on January 12.
"We're trying to catch up with who they were and what they were
doing," Coakley said. "There weren't many people who saw them,
knew them, were clued in to what was going on in their lives."

The killings have drawn intense media interest in
Massachusetts and Britain. An Entwistle family Web page that
once focused just on the couple and their baby --
www.rachelandneil.org -- has been transformed with its
guestbook now a page of mourning.