February 14, 2006

Iran confirms resumption of some atomic fuel work

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Tehran on Tuesday confirmed it had
restarted some work on uranium enrichment, a process the West
fears could be used to build nuclear weapons.

"In accordance with parliament's ratification, I should say
'yes'," deputy nuclear negotiator Javad Vaeedi told reporters
in Tehran when asked whether Iran had resumed uranium

However, Iranian officials have been guarded on whether the
key process of feeding uranium hexafluoride gas into
centrifuges has resumed.

"Such issues are precise technical details," Vaeedi
replied, when asked whether the centrifuges at the underground
nuclear facility at Natanz had started work.

Centrifuges enrich uranium by spinning it at supersonic
speed. Tehran says it needs this enriched uranium to run power
stations, not build bombs.