February 17, 2006

Poland will not let Iran “research” Holocaust

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's Foreign Minister Stefan Meller
on Friday ruled out allowing any Iranian researchers to examine
the scale of the Holocaust committed by the German Nazis on
Polish soil during World War Two.

Meller's remarks came after repeated denials of the Jewish
Holocaust by Iranian officials and their suggestions that more
research is needed to establish the truth about what happened
to European Jews.

"Under no circumstances we should allow something like that
to take place in Poland," Meller told Polish news agency PAP.
"It goes beyond all imaginable norms to question, even discuss
or negotiate the issue."

Polish daily Rzeczpospolita reported on Friday that Iran
wants to send researchers to Poland to examine the scale of the
Nazi crimes during the war.

Some 6 million Jews perished in the Holocaust, with an
estimated 1.1 million killed in gas chambers at Auschwitz-
Birkenau, a death camp set up in German-occupied Poland.

Last week Iran's ambassador to Lisbon, who in the past
served as a diplomat in Poland, said in an interview on
Portuguese radio that according to his calculations based on a
visit to the camp, now a museum, it would have taken the Nazis
15 years to burn the corpses of 6 million people.