March 2, 2006

India, US say seal nuclear cooperation pact

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India and the United States said on
Thursday they had sealed a landmark civilian nuclear
cooperation pact, the centerpiece of President George W. Bush's
first visit to the world's largest democracy.

"We have concluded an historic agreement today on nuclear
power," Bush told a joint news conference.

The deal, which would give India access to U.S. nuclear
technology, has been opposed by some members of the U.S.
Congress because India has not signed the Nuclear
Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Bush's three-day visit to India was seen as a growing
recognition in Washington of the strategic and economic
significance of the world's largest democracy after decades of
mistrust between the two countries.

He is due to fly to Pakistan, a key U.S. ally in the war on
terror, on Saturday.