March 10, 2006

FBI warns of threat to college basketball tournament

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The FBI warned U.S. law enforcement
officials on Friday that an extremist message board suggested
carrying out suicide bombings at U.S. college basketball
tournament sites but emphasized there was no evidence of a
specific threat.

"It was some information contained in a routine
intelligence advisory that goes out to all law enforcement
officials," said FBI spokesman Mike Kortan.

"The advisory did state clearly that the government has no
information that would suggest that there was an imminent
threat," he said, adding there were no specific sporting events
or locations identified on the Web site as possible targets.

The information on the extremist Web site discussed a
number of events in the United States where there were large
amounts of people gathered, including the NCAA basketball
championship tournament that begins across the country next

"It was simply sharing information that was on a Web site
with law enforcement officials," Kortan said of the FBI