March 24, 2006

China executes woman for trafficking 31 baby boys

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese woman was executed on Friday
for trafficking 31 children, the Supreme Court said, after
another two men were sentenced to death earlier this week for
kidnapping and selling baby boys.

The sale of children and women is rampant in China, where a
stringent "one child" policy has bolstered a traditional bias
for male offspring.

Lin Yudi, 49, was executed by gunshot in the southeastern
province of Fujian after the provincial high court rejected her
appeal, the Supreme Court Web site ( said.

Lin was part of a five-member gang involved in trafficking
31 baby boys, one of whom died in the gang's custody, it said.

The boys were bought in the southwestern, border province
of Yunnan.

On Monday, a Yunnan court sentenced Pan Mingquan and Wu
Daping to death for kidnapping and selling 12 boys aged 2 to 3
in the province between 2004 and 2005, the court said.

Another six members from Wu's family, who bought the
children from Pan at 4,260 yuan ($530) each and sold them to
couples in north China, received jail terms from four years to
life, the court said.

China has resorted to harsh punishment to try to deter
human trafficking of which the U.N. Children's Fund says
250,000 Chinese women and children were victims in 2003.

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