March 27, 2006

Seattle gunman said ‘there’s plenty for everyone’

SEATTLE (Reuters) - The gunman who shot and killed six
young people before committing suicide arrived at the weekend
house party with an arsenal of weapons and uttered "there's
plenty for everyone" during the murderous rampage, Seattle
police said on Monday.

Seattle police do not know the motive of the suspected
killer, Aaron Kyle Huff, for the shooting spree, but said the
discovery of more weapons and ammunition in his truck near the
scene indicated the killings were not a sudden act of rage.

"My speculation is that this was not a sudden attack. He
came heavily armed with additional ammunition ... clearly
intent on doing homicidal mayhem in a killing spree," Seattle
Deputy Police Chief Clark Kimerer said at a news conference.

Early Saturday morning, Huff left a house party in a
residential neighborhood before returning moments later armed
with a shotgun and handgun and spraying party-goers with dozens
of bullets, police said. It was Seattle's deadliest crime in
more than 20 years.

Two more victims were wounded and remain in the hospital.

Police found a rifle, machete, baseball bat and more than
200 rounds of ammunition in Huff's black pickup truck near the
house, said police Detective Don Ledbetter.

Witnesses interviewed by police said Huff was quiet and
self-effacing at the party and acted calm and deliberate during
the shootings, firing off bullets and saying something like
"there's plenty for everyone."

"All of the survivors described him as quiet and they
didn't discern that he was going to be the monster that he
became," said Kimerer.

Police said they searched Huff's apartment after the
shootings and questioned the suspect's twin brother, who was
his roommate, before releasing him.