March 31, 2006

NY Times says goodbye to most stock price pages

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New York Times next week joins a
growing list of newspapers doing away with some or all of the
stock tables in their business pages, an increasingly popular
tactic in an industry desperate to cut costs.

New York Times Co.'s flagship paper will cut the current
six pages of financial tables and replace them with two pages
of summary information starting Tuesday, saying the change will
help control newsprint costs.

The Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, units of Tribune
Co., The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, and Denver's Rocky
Mountain News are among the other newspapers that have or plan
to cut stock listings from weekday editions.

The moves to cut pages that are packed with stock, bond,
and mutual fund tables comes as many readers have turned to the
Internet or television for more up-to-date and easier-to-use
financial information.

Newspapers are also keen to cut costs, with circulation in
steady decline, advertising moving to other forms of media and
pressure from shareholders who have seen the industry's stock
prices drop by 7 percent this year.

As for the New York Times, full financial tables will
continue to be published in the Sunday edition, including
stocks, bonds, mutual funds and foreign markets.

It will also move much of its weekday financial data to its
Web site, which will include features that let readers
customize their financial news interests.