April 2, 2006

Iran blasts UN but vows to work with IAEA

By Lesley Wroughton

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran on Sunday blasted the U.N.
Security Council for trying to pressure it into halting its
uranium enrichment work but pledged to keep cooperating with
the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) watchdog.

Speaking on CNN's "Late Edition," Aliasghar Soltaniyeh,
Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, said his country would not
withdraw from the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The U.N. Security Council last week unanimously adopted a
statement calling on Iran to freeze its uranium enrichment
work, which can provide fuel for power plants or atom bombs. It
also asked the IAEA to report in 30 days on Iran's cooperation
with agency demands.

"The best action of United Nations Security Council is no
action, merely just to take note of the documents which have
been sent to United Nations Security Council, and let the IAEA
to do its own job," Soltaniyeh said, calling the U.N. decision

"The more the United Nations Security Council is engaged
and involved, the situation will be further deteriorated. And
we have to prevent confrontation," he said.

Soltaniyeh urged the international community to let the
IAEA do its work, saying a team from the nuclear body would
visit Iran next week.

He said Iran did not intend to use its enrichment program
for atomic bombs and that Iran was open to negotiation to
resolve the international dispute.

"Therefore, I advise that United Nations Security Council
will not do any action and leave this issue to the IAEA and let
this nuclear dossier of Iran, which has been taken as a hostage
by American unilateral policy, to come back to the multilateral
atmosphere and environment and to be settled on," Soltaniyeh

Iran's decision to resume uranium enrichment in January
prompted Britain, France and Germany to break off 2-1/2 years
of EU talks with Tehran and back a U.S. demand to refer Iran to
the Security Council.