April 4, 2006

Russia detains American, Briton

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Briton attempting to complete an
unbroken walk around the world has been detained by Russian
border guards after crossing the frozen Bering Strait,
officials said on Tuesday.

Former paratrooper Karl Bushby was stopped with American
Dimitri Kieffer on April 1 on the remote Chukotka peninsula
after a perilous two-week journey across the ice bridge between
Russia and Alaska.

"The two foreigners were spotted and detained by border
guards," RIA news agency quoted Andrei Orlov, a spokesman for
the North-Eastern border guards of the Federal Security Service
(FSB), as saying.

He said the travelers had commercial visas, were equipped
for arctic conditions and also had a satellite navigation
system and a hand gun. They were detained for illegally
crossing Russia's border.

"We are still trying to clarify the situation but we can
confirm a British citizen, Karl Christian Bushby, is undergoing
checks in Chukotka," said a British embassy spokesman in

Bushby set off from the tip of South America in 1998 and
hopes to return to Britain in 2009, after a journey of some
36,000 miles.

His father Keith, contacted by telephone in Britain, said
his son had crossed the Bering Strait with Kieffer, an
endurance racer who teamed up with Bushby in Alaska.

The pair risked frostbite, polar bears and the ice breaking
up underneath them as they picked their way across the Strait.

Bushby's onward journey takes him south into Mongolia,
through Kazakhstan and Ukraine, on into Europe and back into
Britain via the Eurotunnel, according to his Web site

The United States Embassy in Moscow said they could not
comment. An FSB spokesman in Moscow declined to comment.