April 8, 2006

Canadian police find 8 bodies, launch murder probe

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian police launched a full-scale
murder investigation on Saturday after a resident found eight
bodies in a cornfield in rural southwest Ontario.

Constable Doug Graham, from the Ontario Provincial Police,
said the victims, all white men, were found on Saturday morning
in or near three cars and a tow truck abandoned on the field or
the dirt road beside it.

He declined to give information on who the victims were or
how they died. "It's a pretty isolated area. It doesn't get
much traffic, especially after dark," he said.

Early media reports said the men had been shot, but police
could not confirm this, saying only that it was an isolated
incident and local residents should not be frightened. Canada
has strict gun controls, and gun crime is relatively rare
outside major cities.

Graham said police were at a very early stage in the
investigation of the murders, which took place in a rural
community about half way between Toronto and Detroit.