April 12, 2006

Cincinnati activist shot outside city hall

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Reuters) - A black civil rights activist
was shot and seriously wounded on Wednesday in what authorities
said was a targeted attack outside City Hall, where he had been

Michael Bailey, a city bus driver who calls himself Gen.
Kabaka Oba and leads a civil rights group called the Black
Fist, was shot several times while in his car across from City
Hall, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory said.

"We do have a description of the individual involved.
Whoever it was who shot Kabaka Oba, targeted him," Mallory
said, without providing further details.

A few minutes before the shooting, Bailey had made one of
his frequent speaking appearances before a City Council meeting
during the body's public comment period. Witnesses said his
comments were not unusual, consisting mostly of criticisms of
the police.

Bailey was among several black activists who came to the
fore during race riots during a five-day period in April 2001
that followed the shooting of an unarmed black man by a white
officer. It was one of several instances where officers had
shot black suspects, prompting federal oversight of the police