April 18, 2006

Actor Malachy McCourt to run for New York governor

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Writer and actor Malachy McCourt said
on Tuesday he will run for governor of New York under the
slogan "Don't waste your vote, give it to me."

Best known as the raconteur brother of "Angela's Ashes"
author Frank McCourt, Malachy McCourt said on his Web site that
he will seek the Green Party nomination for November's

McCourt said he will run on a platform of promoting peace,
ridding New York State of nuclear energy and abolishing the
death penalty.

"It is quite clear in the Bible 'Thou Shalt Not Kill,"'
McCourt said in his official announcement.

McCourt, who was born in New York and spent his youth in
Ireland, has long aired his political views as a local radio
talk-show host. He is the author of "A Monk Swimming," about
his Irish childhood, and has acted in movies including "The
Devil's Own" and "Green Card."