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Atlanta airport disrupted by suspicious image

April 19, 2006

ATLANTA (Reuters) – Security officers closed the screening
checkpoints at the busy Atlanta airport for nearly two hours on
Wednesday after seeing an image of what they suspected could be
an explosive in a carry-on bag.

Bomb squad officers were called in after workers with the
Transportation Security Administration spotted an X-ray image
of what could have been an improvised explosive device around 2
p.m., a TSA official said.

Flights were delayed and security checkpoints evacuated at
the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport — the
world’s busiest passenger airport with nearly 86 million
passengers in 2005, according to the Airports Council

Bomb squad, local law enforcement and TSA officials
examined the image but could not tell if the item was a threat.
They physically searched all potentially suspicious bags in the
area and deployed dogs to sweep the airport as a precaution, a
TSA official said.

Authorities never identified a threat and reopened the
screening checkpoints after about two hours.

(Additional reporting by John Crawley in Washington, Karen
Jacobs in Atlanta and Michael Christie in Miami)

Source: reuters