April 21, 2006

CORRECTED-Texas college bars students from posing for Playboy

Please read in first paragraph "to discipline students"
instead of "to discipline female students" and in third
paragraph "sent an e-mail to students" instead of "sent an
e-mail to women students."

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - Baylor University in Waco, Texas,
which bills itself as the world's largest Baptist college, has
threatened to discipline students if they pose for Playboy
magazine, which is trying to recruit models from the college.

Playboy photographers came to Baylor's hometown seeking
models for a photo spread on women of the Big 12 college
athletic conference, of which the college is a member.

Baylor Vice President for Student Life Samuel W. Oliver
sent an e-mail to students this week warning that any who
"associate" with Playboy would be subject to the university's
disciplinary processes.

"Playboy is clearly antithetical to Baylor's mission and
associating with the magazine would be a violation of the code
of conduct," Oliver wrote in the e-mail. University officials
said punishment could include suspension.

Baylor, known for its conservative outlook, did not allow
dancing on campus until 10 years ago.

A spokesman for Playboy, known for its nude centerfolds,
declined to comment on the e-mail.

The threatened punishment was met with a yawn by students
on campus.

One woman, who professed no desire to pose for Playboy,
said Baylor officials had "more important things to worry
about" and wondered if male students would face similar
punishment if they were seen reading an issue of Playboy
featuring Baylor women.