April 24, 2006

Tom Cruise in Rome but rushing back to diaper duty

ROME (Reuters) - Movie star Tom Cruise was in Rome to
promote his latest blockbuster on Monday, but his main mission
was to rush back home to his bride-to-be Katie Holmes and baby
daughter and resume diaper duties.

The 43-year-old told a news conference in Rome ahead of the
world premiere of "Mission: Impossible III" that he would cut
short the European promotional tour, which was also to have
taken in Paris where he and Holmes were engaged 10 months ago.

"It was everything that we wanted it to be and more,"
Cruise said of the birth last week of Suri. "It was really very

The Hollywood A-lister suggested that he wasn't afraid to
get his hands dirty.

"I changed her first," he said.

"I change diapers all the time. I have to tell you I love
it. We have a whole system worked out. It's the 'B and B' - she
does the breast feeding and I do the burping and changing the
diapers. It's teamwork. It's fun."

Cruise has two older children that he adopted during his
marriage to actress Nicole Kidman -- 13-year-old Isabella and
11-year-old Connor. Suri was his first biological child.

Cruise said he would be in Rome for eight hours, allowing
him to attend the red carpet before the premiere, but would
then fly back to the United States.

He was joined at the briefing by other stars from the film,
including Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman who plays the
arch-villain, a black-market arms dealer.

Mission: Impossible III is an adrenaline-packed two hours
of death-dodging that sees the action star leaping from
Shanghai skyscrapers and breaking into Vatican City.

Part of the film was shot in Rome, but the eternal city
also has personal history for Cruise.

Rome was the city where Cruise and Holmes, known in tabloid
shorthand as "TomKat," first made their romance public in late
April 2005, smiling for photographers during the David di
Donatello awards.

The following month, the twice-divorced Cruise made a
manic, couch-hopping profession of love for Holmes on The Oprah
Winfrey Show. The couple got engaged in Paris in June.

His whirlwind romance and public discussions of his belief
in Scientology, the church founded by science fiction writer L.
Ron Hubbard, have also made Cruise the butt of countless jokes.