May 2, 2006

Still no verdict in Moussaoui case

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (Reuters) - The jury debating whether
September 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui should be executed
adjourned for the day on Tuesday without reaching a verdict.

The panel of nine men and three women will resume
deliberations on Wednesday in the only U.S. case brought in
connection with the deadly hijackings. So far the jury has been
deliberating for about 35 hours over 5-1/2 days.

Moussaoui, 37, pleaded guilty to six counts of conspiracy
in connection with the September 11 attacks, which killed about
3,000 people. The jury must decide if he is sentenced to death
or life in prison.

During the trial, Moussaoui said he was supposed to have
piloted a fifth plane into the White House as part of the
hijacking plot.