May 2, 2006

Airliner crashes off Russia: reports

MOSCOW (Reuters) - An Armenian Airlines aircraft carrying
about 100 people on a flight from Yerevan to the Russian
seaside resort of Sochi has crashed into the Black Sea, Russian
media reported on Wednesday.

RIA news agency said the emergencies ministry had sent an
amphibious plane to the scene of the crash, and that fragments
of the plane were visible on the surface of the sea.

Ministry spokesman Viktor Beltsov was quoted as saying the
plane was an Airbus 320 and had vanished from radar screens at
2.15 am (6:15 p.m. EDT Tuesday) near Sochi, a Russian resort
near the Georgian border.

He said the plane was carrying at least five children, and
that difficult weather conditions were complicating the search
for survivors.