May 17, 2006

Gas pipeline blown up in Pakistan, three killed

QUETTA, Pakistan (Reuters) - Tribal militants fighting for
more autonomy blew up a natural gas pipeline in Pakistan's
troubled southwest on Wednesday, killing a girl and wounding
her mother and another relative, officials said.

The girl died when the 16 inch diameter pipeline passing
near her house in Dera Bugti town in Baluchistan province blew
up, Abdul Samad Lasi, a senior government official in the area,

In another incident, militants attacked a police station
near Dera Bugti and killed two policemen.

Another policeman was seriously injured in a land mine
explosion in the town of Kohlu.

Baluchistan, Pakistan's largest but poorest of four
provinces, is home to the country's largest gas and oil

Baluch militants resent local resources being used to
benefit other regions and regularly blow up gas pipelines, rail
links and power pylons, and launch rocket attacks on government
buildings and army bases in the province.

Six police commandoes were killed in a series of land mine
explosions at a training school on the outskirts of the
provincial capital Quetta last week.

The simmering revolt escalated in December when rebel
tribesmen fired rockets in Kohlu during a visit by President
Pervez Musharraf.

Musharraf has announced plans for major infrastructure
projects in Baluchistan to win back support but authorities
have vowed to deal sternly with the militants.