May 22, 2006

Bombs blast Baghdad market: police

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Two bombs blasted a Baghdad market on
Monday causing an as yet unknown number of casualties, police
sources said.

A car bomb and another bomb, possibly a suicide attack,
struck the crowed area in the New Baghdad district in the
mainly Shi'ite east of the capital.

Officials have warned of a possible increase in attacks by
Sunni militants like al Qaeda following the appointment of a
new, national unity government on Saturday, after months of
negotiation. At least 19 people were killed in three bomb
attacks in the capital on Sunday.

The Mujahideen Council, an al Qaeda-led militant group,
said one of its fighters had carried out Sunday's suicide
bombing that killed at least 13 people at a Baghdad restaurant,
according to a statement posted on the Internet.

"One of our lions set off to embed himself among infidel
policemen at a restaurant and caused grave damage, killing at
least 20 of them," said the statement.