May 30, 2006

Bush to see “United 93″ movie

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - George W. Bush, whose presidency
will forever be entwined with the September 11 attacks, gets to
relive part of the day on Tuesday night by watching the movie,
"United 93."

The film, which opened last month to critical acclaim,
tells the story of how al Qaeda hijackers took over the flight
and steered it in the direction of Washington D.C.

Passengers learned from cell phones that three other
hijacked planes had already hit their targets -- the World
Trade Center and the Pentagon. They decided to rise up and
attack the hijackers, who crashed the plane into a field in
Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board.

"The president has always said that ... the passengers and
the crew members on the flight were heroes," said White House
spokesman Dana Perino.

Bush was to watch the movie in the White House theater with
his wife, Laura, along with some family members of those who
died on the flight.

United 93 is the first feature film to deal explicitly with
the events of September 11, 2001.