June 6, 2006

Florida Gas again issues overage alert due to heat

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Florida Gas Transmission on Tuesday
issued an overage alert due to low linepack and hot weather
forecast for the state, continuing a string of warnings issued
in the past few weeks amid heavy heat and humidity.

Due to high natural gas demand on the system, the company
issued an overage alert at 25 percent tolerance, meaning that
shippers must stay within 25 percent of their scheduled
volumes, the company said in a Web site posting.

Alerts, also called critical days, require natural gas
shippers to adhere carefully to scheduled quantities to
maintain system integrity. An overage alert signals that taking
excess quantities off line would be harmful.

Florida Gas regularly issues alerts as temperatures in the
state vary extremely from normal, boosting gas and power demand
as customers crank up air conditioners in the summer and
heaters in the winter.

Private forecaster AccuWeather said high temperatures in
major Florida cities were expected to reach into the 90s
Fahrenheit this week, with "Real Feel" readings that measure
heat and humidity making it feel 100 degrees or more in some

The 5,000-mile Florida Gas Transmission pipeline runs from
southern Texas to southern Florida, with a mainline capacity of
2.1 billion cubic feet per day.

The line is jointly owned by El Paso Corp. and Cross
Country Energy LLC through CCE Holdings LLC, a joint venture of
Southern Union Co. and GE Commercial Finance's Energy Financial